Our Societal Responsibility

The ongoing challenges and continual changes to today’s world of work require a progressive, future-oriented corporate culture that focuses on the wellbeing of all employees.

Diverse opinions, lived experiences and different approaches to solutions ensure long-term success for all stakeholders. We are convinced that by actively encouraging diversity and integration among our employees, we amplify our success, which is why we assign such importance to these activities.

The health and safety of our employees is the highest priority across the entire Marti Group. We have created a central office within the Group to assist and support our numerous companies so they can guarantee the best possible health and safety protection.

Corporate Culture

  • We promote and actively implement an open conversation culture. Our communication is non-hierarchical and promotes equality among all employees. We ensure chains of command are as short as possible, practice timely and transparent communication and enable all employees to direct requests to the Group management at any time.
  • The Marti Group follows a comprehensive code of ethics. This is the pillar and guarantee for our progress and the foundation for the high levels of trust placed in our employees.
  • We encourage people to return to work after a career break, also giving them a chance if they need extra support to return to their career.

Health & Safety

  • The Marti Group knows that the construction industry is full of health and safety risks. Our engineers are always trying to improve occupational safety through new developments and employee training.
  • The construction industry employs large and heavy machinery, so our mechanical engineers make improvements together with the manufacturers to ensure employee safety.
  • The Marti Group runs awareness campaigns and accident prevention training at regular intervals for all our employees.
  • Our corporate healthcare management is part of our sustainable quality assurance process that implements measures related to occupational health and safety across all levels. This enables us to establish a basis for the analysis of health issues, accidents and potential accidents.

Education & Training

  • To implement our innovation and success strategy, we support our employees and give them opportunities for personal development through our extensive education and training offering. We are motivated by enthusiastic employees who think on behalf of the company.
  • In terms of early career development, we are the leader in the construction industry and see this as our societal responsibility. We have been training young professionals from the very beginning to ensure a secure future for us and our employees.
  • To prepare our trainees for their future careers, we offer them a working environment that strengthens both their specialist skills and their people skills.
  • Our trainee projects have set standards in the construction industry and enrich the successful cooperation across regions within the Marti Group. The annual apprentice camp brings together young people from different regions and enables them to work together on a challenging construction project with a social purpose.
  • The Marti Group offers practical employment opportunities for graduates as well as study-related internships for those still completing higher education.

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