Promoting Sustainable Business

Long-term commercial success underpins everything we do and secures the income of our employees. The trust placed in our company by our employees, investors and clients, as well as all of our partners from both the public and private sector, forms the foundation for the progress and economic success of the Marti Group. We strengthen this trust through our sustainability efforts and our code of ethics, based on fairness, honesty, attentiveness and the desire to deliver the best possible quality.

Quality Management

  • As a leading construction service provider, we strive for quality across the entire value chain. We always try to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients.
  • “One-stop shop”: our service allows us to implement and monitor the entire construction process via our own specialized companies and ensure that interfaces and responsibilities are organized in the best possible way.

Risk Management

  • Active risk management ensures we fulfill our sustainability requirements and can react and control environmental, performance, safety and financial risks in a timely manner.
  • We place great value in the principle of foresight and assess all running projects according to the worst-case principle. We only disclose the expected gains once a project has been successfully completed.
  • We condemn corruption, bribery and anti-competitive behavior.

Added Value

  • We give economic incentives for increased resource efficiency and durability.
  • The Marti Group is in close contact with its suppliers and service providers to make sustainable improvements along the entire chain of production.

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