Our Vision

As a construction company, it is important for us to model sustainable and responsible behavior – because we are building for future generations. We want to tackle existing and future global challenges in an innovative and effective way, while making a valuable contribution to preserving the natural world that underpins our lives.

For the Marti Group, sustainable business is our highest priority. It makes up a significant proportion of our corporate strategy. That is why we do not just consider financial aspects in our planning, communication and activities, but also place equal value on social welfare and protecting the environment. Our success depends on these elements being in harmony. This is our corporate purpose and defines our existence as a successful company within the diverse construction sector.

Sustainability Means Taking Responsibility

The building industry produces large amounts of construction materials from raw materials. Very different types of people work together in the industry, with different backgrounds and training. The sector has a significant impact on the environment, climate, society and economy, requiring global, future-oriented ways of thinking.

That is why the Marti Group takes responsibility. Sustainability is a large part of our corporate responsibility and the foundation of our future as a business. We hold it in high regard and it plays an active part in our corporate culture.

With our commitment to sustainable development along the entire value chain, we are contributing to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

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