Mechanical excavation

Underground tunnelling is among the most challenging tasks in the construction industry. When dealing with the mechanical propulsion of tunnel boring machines, it is vital to be intimately familiar with various methods and accurately assess the geology. Marti operates six of its own tunnel boring machines (diameters from 3.80 to 12.60 m) along with the corresponding specialised equipment needed for their maintenance and upkeep. Our specialists pay meticulous attention to all geological conditions and have mastery of solid subsoil just as well as heterogeneous or unstable soil. Well-trained engineers with extensive experience along with their propulsion teams are able to execute tunnel projects of any size, doing so expertly and efficiently.


  • Excavation using a hard rock tunnel boring machine (TBM)

  • Excavation using a Gripper TBM

  • Excavation using a mix-shield TBM

  • Excavation using a roadheader

  • Excavation using an EPB shield TBM

  • Shaft sinking using a raise boring machine

  • Grouting

  • Tunnel sealing

  • Construction logistics

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