Conventional excavation

Underground tunnelling is among the most challenging tasks in the construction industry. For decades, excavating tunnels has been done with explosives. Extensive experience has been gathered, and tools are technically mature. But today, as before, nothing is ever routine. Safe tunnel excavations are possible only with well-trained tunnelling teams who take on the job while having great respect for the rock they are up against. A state-of-the-art collection of equipment including drilling jumbos, tunnel excavators, debris collectors, pipe screen units and concrete spraying robots support our workers while they carry out their challenging jobs. In this way, we are able to execute tunnel projects of any size, doing so expertly and efficiently.


  • Drill & Blast

  • Excavation using a mechanical digger

  • Excavation using a Tunnel Drill Rig

  • Jetting

  • Grouting

  • Tunnel sealing

  • Construction logistics

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