Expansion Railstation Berne RBS, Lot 1.3
Berne (CH)
Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn RBS
Tiefenaustrasse 2
CH-3048 Worblaufen
Planergemeinschaft RBSverbindet
c/o Emch+Berger AG Bern
Schlösslistrasse 23, Postfach 6025
CH-3001 Berne
Time of Completion
11.2020 - 04.2026
Contract Sum
CHF 97.3 mio.
Execution of the Work
ARGE Marti RBS Los 1.3
Consortium Partners
Marti Tunnel AG, CH-3302 Moosseedorf
Marti AG Bern, Bernstrasse 13, CH-3302 Moosseedorf
Lead Company – Technical and Commercial Lead
Marti Tunnel AG, CH-3302 Moosseedorf
Scope of the Works
Expansion of Bern railway station RBS
Subproject 1 Shell, Section 1, Lot 1.3
  • 2 caverns: 330 m2 / 213 m long
  • various cross connections
  • various shafts
  • various galleries
Part of the logistics gallery Laupenstrasse incl. gallery connections to the caverns
Cavern construction north and south, cross-connections, stairways and lift shafts
Internal support structure of caverns north and south
Inner support structure shaft and galleries Laupenstrasse
Measures PostParc
Excavation with roadheader machine
Main quantities:
Excavated rock 144’200 m³
Shotcrete 18’500 m³
Rock anchor / breast anchor / spits 101’100 m
Steel installation 1’043 t
Micro piles 12’600 m
Reinforcement 5’341 t
In-situ concrete 43’466 m³
  • Lower fresh water molasse (sandstone, fine sandstone, siltstone, marl)
    • Moraine
Marti Tunnel AG
Seedorffeldstrasse 21
CH-3302 Moosseedorf
Tel. +41 31 388 75 10
Marti Tunnel AG
Seedorffeldstrasse 21
CH-3302 Moosseedorf
+41 31 388 75 10