Tunnel Nordnes completed

The site of the 5’740m Nordnes tunnel was located in the middle of the beautiful nature close to the Lyngen Alps. The tunnel contains six concrete buildings inside the tunnel and one small prefabricated house outside.

Location as a challenge

To be far away from civilisation was not always easy to handle. One of the most difficult parts was the long journey from our headquarter Moosseedorf in Switzerland to the site in Nordnes, Norway. Arriving in Oslo you had finished just half of the long trip. From Oslo it takes another 1:45h flight to Tromsø and then another 2h drive to the site.

Being so far north it certainly also means dealing and living with the almost complete darkness in winter, and midnight sun during summer. It took a while to get used to the conditions and was a very intense but also fascinating experience for our staff. Marti spent about 614’000 hours of work in the project.

Logistics and subcontractors

The logistics were a challenge too in this remote area. Spare parts, machines and - as mentioned before - people took very long time until they arrived on the site. Deliveries of the 22’500 used rock bolts and 18’000 m3 shotcrete for example had to be ordered always on time to be on the site in time.

Finding subcontractors in such a secluded natural area was not easy but in the end, we found some partners and our work has been successfully completed.

We think back to a challenging project in Nordnes and for sure, everyone that has seen the Northern light during this time will remember it.

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