Belchen Tunnel

In the past months, Marti Tunnel­bau AG has maste­red every chal­lenge of the com­plex geology of the Belchen, using a TBM S-947. Con­se­quently, 80% of the total length were reached in March, as planned.

The tunnel tube is being con­ti­nuously secu­red with seg­ment rings, simul­ta­neously with the inte­rior work. In a first step, the invert arch will be sealed by emplo­yees​ of Renesco AG, then the emplo­yees of Marti Tunnel­bau AG will proceed with the rein­force­ment and the con­crete. The pre­­fa­­bri­­ca­­ted service tun­nel ele­­ments will then be trans­­fer­red onto the com­­ple­­ted invert, then rein­for­ced and back-fil­led. The follo­wing steps include the sea­ling, rein­force­ment and con­cre­ting of the arch. The final phase con­sists of the moun­ting of the inter­me­diate ceiling, which has been covering the first 800m since the start in Novem­ber.

If the construction works con­ti­nue to proceed accor­ding to the plan, the tunnel boring machine will reach the northern portal in Eptin­gen in the Basel region in July. The break­through will be ade­qua­tely​ celebrated.

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