Lovstakken Tunnel

Inside the mountain, our teams have been struggling with a strong unforeseen water-bearing zone since last July. Occasionally, a total of 1000 litres water per minute shot out of the boreholes. As a result, many pre-injections have been necessary since then.

Delays due to wather ingress​

Due to the strong water ingress, the advance towards Kristiansborg has been further delayed and the turnoff for the access tunnel to the depot has not yet been reached. To avoid further delays, the construction workers have already excavated 50% of the access tunnel from the depot cavern. Depending on the water situation, the access tunnel will probably meet the railway tunnel in summer.

Excavation from Kristiansborg planned

Driving in the railway and pedestrian/bicycle tunnels is also struggling with the water. Here, about 18% have currently been excavated. In order to minimise delays here too, work is currently being carried out on a solution using excavation from the portal Kristiansborg. This work is scheduled for completion in June. Due to the poor geology on this side, the excavation will start there using the pipe shield method.

Work at Portal Fyllingsdalen on time

In Fyllingsdalen the concrete portal and the approx. 70 m long cut-and-cover tunnel has been completed as planned before Christmas. The work is now continuing with the construction of various large retaining walls and subsequent work on the outside facilities and traffic diversions.

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