Work has begun at Tunnel Oberau

The core of the 4.2 kilometer four-lane bypass is a 2.8 kilometer long twin-tube tunnel with two lanes. In the route selection conservation and water protection areas had to be considered. The drinking water for the city of Munich comes partly from the region. The geological and hydrological conditions in the mountain region are a technical challenge for the tunnel builders.

After the exploratory tunnel for the Kramertunnel this is the second construction contract for the company Marti in Upper Bavaria.


We are pleased to work together with our partners in this important project in the coming years.

Building contractor

ARGE Tunnel Oberau:
Marti Tunnelbau AG, Moosseedorf
Marti GmbH Deutschland, Stuttgart

Marti Tunnel AG
Seedorffeldstrasse 21
CH-3302 Moosseedorf
+41 31 388 75 10