CERN LHC HiLumi P1 - Unterground work completed

Completed work

Both the underground structures and the buildings already constructed were handed over to the client on time and in a high quality.

After the excavation of the various galleries and cross-sections in March 2020, the complete interior work was carried out with the construction of the lining. The highlight of the concrete work was the construction of the inner ring, the PM 17 shaft. 1,200 m3 of concrete and 900 tons of reinforcement were installed in the 60 m high shaft within 10 days using a sliding formwork.

The work in the PM 17 shaft was preceded by the concrete work for the cavern and the various galleries. The tight space conditions and a constantly changing geometry of the cross-sections and connections posed a real challenge for the concrete crews of Marti Tunnel AG. However, as can be seen from the budding pictures, this was mastered well. Congratulations to the team on site for the flawless work.

Remaining work

With the end of the underground work, the dismantling of the installation such as shaft hall, site office, etc. also begins. This takes place immediately, since the areas for the buildings still to be constructed must be made available.

Thus, the three remaining industrial high-rise buildings will be realized practically above the shaft. This work will continue for about another year. Parallel to the building construction, the environmental work with the definitive platform and the corresponding greening will be realized.

The project can be handed over to the client in the summer of 2022.

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