Breakthrough in Oslo

The team at Skullerud project have blasting 3.585 meters of tunnel. We expected an easy tunnel, but the challenges we faced were quite demanding. One thing was that the need for injection increased dramatically, total of 125 injections had to be done with a consumption of 2.370 tons of cement. An extra counter excavation had to be established due to the injection, and of naturally the corona with travel restrictions caused problems to have enough labor and even standstill. To top it off, last winter was hard – with stable cold temperatures down to -20C.

Despite these hurdles, the team have been able to do the work with the right quality. This has really been a solid team effort project manager Andreas Greipel states, and I am proud of the work we have done here – from the workers in the tunnels to the people in the office. We also have been able to do all this without any personnel injuries, which is also very important to me. But please – no more mountain trolls now! 

Find more information about the project on the reference sheet: reference sheet

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